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I am just as passionate about my teaching as I am about research and intellectual innovation, and I enjoy motivating my students to think, communicate and perform to the best of their abilities.  I was a Teaching Assistant/Fellow at UCLA, a lecturer at Stanford University, and currently teach undergraduate and graduate courses at Indiana University. 

Some of the courses I offer(ed):

Planned course offerings:

Spring 2012: Sabbatical leave

Fall 2012:

Spring 2013:

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Spring 2014:

Some student comments from evaluation forms:

  • Discussions were great and really forced me to think in absolutely logical terms with no "easy way out." The subject matter is fascinating and Prof. Sinno really makes it come alive even more (IU, Y396, Spring `04).

  • This was probably the most important and relevant class I have ever taken.  I learned a lot and I appreciate Prof. Sinno's knowledge and insight (IU, Y200, Fall `03).

  • I really enjoyed coming to section and looked forward to it each week.  We always had interesting discussions and with Abdul, there was a good reason to come.  I loved Abdul!!!! (UCLA)

  • Abdul is the Bomb!  I rank this discussion on the top 2 best discussions of all time.  Every day there was lively interaction and theoretical debate.  It got me excited to read the course material so I could present my thoughts in class.  Abdul was energetic and very interested in teaching.  I would recommend him and his class to anyone.

  • Abdul’s energy made it easy to learn.

  • Abdul was always really organized, and really enthusiastic! He always was ready for class with a huge smile.  I loved our discussions.  This class convinced me to be a poli sci major!

  • Abdul’s energy and actual caring about what we were learning is something rarely found at UCLA and it is greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for the information, for encouraging us to expand our minds and open up to new ideas, to think about new things and be creative.

  • Abdul was excellent—He had high expectations and provided excellent supplementary material.  In fact at many times his section was more informative and stimulating than lecture.  A+.

  • Abdul is a great teacher who explains everything well.

  • Thank you Abdul.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  I am thinking about changing my major to poli sci.

  • Abdul was one of the main factors in my interest in political science.  I was very impressed with his knowledge of international relations.

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