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How do I write effective papers?

 Feel welcome to consult, print and use the following paper writing aides:

For those who want to invest a few dollars in a writing guide, I recommend the concise and affordable classic The Elements of Style by William Strunk & E. B. White.  If you already know you want to join an M.A. or Ph.D. program then buy Kate Turabian's essential A Manual for Writers to master the complexities of formatting academic documents.

How do I avoid plagiarism?

Check this comprehensive guide (courtesy of www.turnitin.com)

How do I research my papers?

You must invest in familiarizing yourself with library resources and how to use them effectively early in your academic career.  It might take you some time to become familiar with library resources but you will soon appreciate the benefits of being able to access the information you need whenever you need it. It is not difficult to learn how to use library resources on your own but take full advantage of library workshops and the help of our wonderful librarians.  You should become familiar with at least the following databases, which you can access directly from the IU library website:

  • Google Scholar
  • Academic Search

But remember that the ultimate research tool is good judgment.  Researching any topic could become a long exhausting project if you don't develop a well-targeted research plan that you refine as you discover better search terms and develop new ideas.  You should also be able to effectively assess the credibility of the sources you use: how reliable are they? is the writer a scholar, a journalist, or someone with a parochial policy agenda? How reliable is the data? What are competing views?  Assessing the credibility and quality of sources is particularly important if you use the Internet as a research tool.

A note on using the Internet for research.

There are two problems with the use of Internet material:

  1. Many Internet sites have a very short life span, making it difficult for sources to be verified, and
  2. In contrast to articles in magazines and journals, or books published by reputable presses, information on the Internet often does not go through editorial/academic screening process.

Anyone can put anything onto the Internet--there is therefore a great deal of variation in the extent to which information on this media is reliable.  This is not meant as a blanket condemnation of Internet use.  Considerable posted information is based on printed material, in which case its reliability is that of the posting magazine, journal, network or author.  Likewise many governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations maintain Internet sites which are quite useful.  Thus Internet materials may be employed, but with caution. 

What can I do with a B.A. in Political Science?

Check this 3-page guide (from  the Career Planning staff of Career Services at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville) for the career and academic routes generally available for those with a B.A. in poli sci. Some of the more fulfilling careeers require advanced degrees beyond the B.A. (M.A., J.D., Ph.D.,...) 

Could you write me a letter of recommendation?

Yes, if your grade was an A or A+

I'm a previous student.  Can I ask you for advice?

Sure.  Just drop by during my office hours or send me an email to make an an appointment

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