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Dear Y490/N305/W405 student:

This webpage provides you with an updated syllabus, course readings and my PowerPoint slides.  I will update it throughout the semester.  Feel welcome to email me your thoughts and suggestions.

Abdulkader Sinno


Office hours: Tuesdays 11-1 pm, WH 323.

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Feel welcome to print and use the following paper writing aides:

For those who want to invest a few dollars in a writing guide, I recommend the concise and affordable classic The Elements of Style by William Strunk & E. B. White (available online).  If you already know you want to join an M.A. or Ph.D. program then buy Kate Turabian's essential A Manual for Writers to master the complexities of formatting academic documents.  Click here for a summary of Turabian's chapters on citations.

Other resources

Movies about Western Muslims
  • Monsieur Lazhar (2011): an Algerian-Canadian teacher helps students deal with their grief and reconciles himself with own past.
  • Sabah (2005): a Kurdish-Canadian woman's unlikely love story.
  • Journey into America (2009): A Muslim professor's attempt to understand American identity.
  • The Mosque in Morgantown (2009): on the struggle of Muslims in a small town to define the meaning of the faith and its practice in spite of different personalities, interests and perspectives. 
  • Rendition (English 2007): A movie inspired by the treatment of Maher Arrar.
  • Me and the Mosque (2005): a Canadian Muslim woman's inquiry into gender practices in mosques.
  • The War Within (English, 2005): A tragic story of government abuse, torture and how a man was driven towards terrorism
  • My son the fanatic (English, 1999): A generational conflict in a British Muslim family.
  • Monsieur Ibrahim (French, 2003): A touching story about an improbable friendship between a young Jew and an elderly Muslim man in France.  With the wonderful Omar Sharif.
  • Le Gone du Chaâba (French, 1998): life for Muslim immigrants before the “banlieus?
  • Salut Cousin (French, 1997): Wise guys of the Parisian slums. 
  • Lila Says (French, 2005): A love story between an Arab boy and a white girl that would make Mike Tyson cry like a teenage girl watching Titanic. Touching.
  • PBS Wide Angle program titled “Young, Muslim and French? also check the related multimedia page at http://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/shows/france/index.html
  • “The Road to Guantanamo (English 2006): the story of three British Muslim boys?experience as prisoners of the US government in Guantanamo.
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